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Below we’ve listed some of the most common questions we’re asked. However, if you have a question that is not listed, reach out at farmerhelp@genics.com

Yes, Shrimp MultiPath is quantitative and can tell you how many copies of template are in your PCR reaction. Please email us at info@genics.com for detailed information.

Shrimp MultiPath has unrivalled sensitivity compared to other pathogen detection products on the market. Shrimp MultiPath detects down to 4 copies of template for the majority of assays. Please email us at info@genics.com for a full list of limits of detection.

The Shrimp MultiPath, MultiPath Xtra and ShrimpID assays require minimal input tissue. A 3 mm piece of pleopod tip is enough for running both assays, making MultiPath and ShrimpID assays ideal for non-destructive testing of valuable stocks.

The four additional controls per submission are supplied by Genics and form part of world class laboratory practices when setting up PCR testing for pathogens. They are:

  • (1) no template extraction control,
  • (2) no template reverse transcription control,
  • (3) low template positive control for all pathogens, and
  • (4) high template positive control for all pathogens.
  • Controls (1) and (2) have their tube lids left open during the whole set up procedure so as to maximise their chance of picking up any contamination in the run. The (1) and (2) must be negative for all pathogens at the end, and (3) and (4) must have the correct number of copies of each pathogen at the end. If this does not occur, Genics will re-run the whole process (at our cost). This forms part of our ISO17025 accreditation requirements and one component of our quality control system. These are an additional cost as they are each an additional well on the PCR Plate.

In addition to these 4 controls, there are also DNA, RNA and reverse transcription efficiency quality controls within every MultiPath PCR on every sample. This means that we are checking the DNA and RNA in-tact within the well of the pathogen PCRs at the same time the pathogen PCRs are running. This is unique and means we have no thermodynamic influences on the pathogen detection. It’s the same for the reverse transcription efficiency quality control. These are not an additional cost as they are within the per sample price.

Shrimp MultiPath2.0 detects 18 commercially important pathogens of shrimp as well as various genetic variants. Contact our research and development team at info@genics.com if you would like customized pathogen assays added to Shrimp MultiPath.

Pathogens detected by Shrimp MultiPath include: WSSV, AHPND pirA/AHPND pirB, EHP, GAV YHV2, IHHNV, IMNV, YHV 1, YHV 7, HPV HDV, MBV, LSNV, MoV, TSV, NHP, DIV1, PvNV, CmNV and MrNV.

Shrimp MultiPath, MultiPath Xtra and ShrimpID assays have a cost base no different to conventional and real-time PCR. However, MultiPath and ShrimpID have unsurpassed high-throughput capability underpinning delivery of significant cost-savings and improved data turnaround times. Contact our sales team sales@genics.com to obtain a pricing schedule tailored to your needs.

We understand industry need a flexible solution therefore Genics offers no requirement for minimum sample submission numbers. We’re also here to help with sample dissection of target organs as required. You can visit our Education page for ‘how to’ videos or complete the form on our Contact page for further information and assistance.

Customized reports are made available electronically once Shrimp MultiPath assay data passes QC. An example of a customer report template will be available soon – in the meantime get in touch via our Contact page.

Preservative choice will depend on your sample tissue type and country of origin. We generally use 70% Laboratory grade ethanol however to ensure a suitable preservative is used for your samples consultation with our sales team sales@genics.com is advised.

Do you still have questions about how Genics can transform your farm? Email farmerhelp@genics.com

Did you know…Genics has a range of free educational material including shrimp dissection videos and pathogen fact flyers. Visit our education page here for more.