The world’s most accurate genetic analysis for shrimp breeding programs


ShrimpID includes DNA marker panels for Pacific White, Black Tiger, & Blue Shrimp


Integrate pedigree management and precision selection into your breeding programs with unrivaled genotyping performance for
L. vannamei & P. monodon


ShrimpID’s industry-leading DNA marker panels reveal relatedness so that hatcheries can manage inbreeding, and breeding programs may apply marker-assisted and genomic selection to accelerate the delivery of genetic improvements 


ShrimpID provides SNP markers in genes of interest selected to be polymorphic across the global diversity of each species 


ShrimpID delivers more than just pedigree reconstruction, providing detailed relatedness estimates, allowing you to maximize genetic diversity


Refined DNA extraction methods ensure data is provided from all tested animals & tracked with rigorous controls to ensure sample integrity


Unrivaled marker density across the genome provides spatial coverage, empowering never-before-seen advances in shrimp breeding 


Marker probes have been placed in genes of interest and spread across the genome to identify markers associated with traits and to improve the accuracy of genomic selection models

A comprehensive solution

Genics ShrimpID, Shrimp MultiPath & ShrimpTracker deliver comprehensive breeding and health management solutions

The challenge for farmers

Farmers need selective breeding programs that leverage detailed relatedness information to deliver genetically diverse and robust production populations.  

The ideal scenario is the largest possible marker set with phenotype data from entire populations, allowing breeding programs to deliver fertile, healthy, fast-growing stock. 

The Genics solution

ShrimpID’s comprehensive marker set provides the data to establish detailed relatedness estimates among broodstock and tested animals, sex identification, and markers within genes that regulate productivity and disease resistance.  

The Genics team works with you to create genomic prediction models for the traits you are interested in and to identify markers that should be fixed to ensure breeding programs are robust and your populations are diverse.  

Genics ShrimpID is the most powerful solution on the market, saving you time and money whilst delivering best-in-class results. 

Enhancing pedigree management and facilitating genetic improvement

As well as managing the genetic diversity of your broodstock, ShrimpID heritage panels provide the information you need to drive genome-wide and marker-assisted selection programs in any of your characterized populations.       

ShrimpID is the world’s leading genotyping tool for Penaeid shrimp, designed by aquaculture bioinformatics and biotechnology experts. ShrimpID provides breeders and quantitative geneticists with the data they need to efficiently improve productivity and minimize risk.     

ShrimpID data delivers all the required information to manage relatedness and provide genetic gains. The panels have been trialed and tested on shrimp from all regions of the world, including Pacific White (Penaeus vannamei), Black Tiger (Penaeus monodon), and Blue Shrimp (Litopenaeus stylirostris).      

Genics experts can assist your team with designing breeding strategies that fit around your existing infrastructure and data analysis pipelines that integrate existing genotype, phenotype, and breeding data. We’ll also help you implement validation and reporting systems so that you can track the delivery of genetic improvements into production ponds. 

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Genics ShrimpID versus conventional shrimp testing


ShrimpID yields twice as many informative genetic markers, ensuring tens of thousands of informative data points for shrimp populations from around the world 

Conventional shrimp testing

Before Genics launched ShrimpID, the most credible analysis tool available detected only half as many informative genetic markers 

What do our clients say about ShrimpID?

“Genics, with their ShrimpID solutions suite, provided us with a practical mate allocation plan that maximized the genetic diversity of our progeny. We have seen a massive improvement in nauplii production already. Incredible results, powerful data. We look forward to working with Genics to continually improve on our breeding program and high-quality post-larvae offerings to Ecuadorian shrimp producers.” – Bolivar Pena, Administrator, Genesis – Ecuador 

“My clients using Genics ShrimpID technology speak very highly of its informativeness and quality. Great service and great technology. Well done, Team Genics.” – Dr. David Kawahigashi, Vannamei 101 – USA

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