We’re helping to build a strong Shrimp economy in Latin America We offer very early pathogen detection Reduce risk, boost farm production A strong track record in the region

A Welcome Message from our CEO

We support farmers in Latin America with game-changing technology

Testing with Genics gives you access to Shrimp MultiPath™, Shrimp MultiPath Xtra, ShrimpID and DeepDive Histopathology and more. Our technology is the most sensitive data-driven management tool in pathogen detection and breeding selection available.

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Shrimp MultiPath™


MultiScore (Scorecard)

Shrimp MultiPath Xtra

DeepDive Histopathology

Health Audit

How to send samples

  • Step 1

    Take some tissue samples. Your Genics shrimp expert will work with you on on a statistically significant sample plan that will add value to your business. We have instructional videos to show you how.

  • Step 2

    Complete some easy paperwork. Below is a link with the paperwork and clear instructions.

  • Step 3

    Send to Genics via DHL and receive your results with 48 hours of us receiving samples in our ISO17025 Certified Service Laboratories.

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