Take a deeper dive with Genics’ growing histopathology diagnostics

Histopathology diagnostics is a specialty service that involves examining the tissue and cellular structure at a microscopic level to look for abnormal cell structures, cellular organisation and foreign bodies. At Genics service laboratories accredited Veterinary Pathologists perform these detailed examinations looking for such abnormalities and linking their observations to causative agents in the original specimen or animal, and in the field. Our personnel each hold over 20 years of experience in histological analysis and diagnostics.

Importantly, histopathology empowers advanced holistic disease investigation, and when used in combination with MultiPath PCR testing or molecular science, delivers unrivalled investigation service to our clients to pinpoint the true cause of production impacting disease events.

Such investigations further strengthen Genics customised health management programs, and implementation of early warning systems for producers. Ultimately, early pathogen detection through a well designed and implemented health management program, will mitigate disease risk and maximise your farm profits.

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